dried split ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root is widely used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Origin: Nigeria

Product Type: Dry Split Ginger

Price: Negotiable / Metric Tonne

Quantity: According to Buyer’s Request

Trial Order: 14 Metric Tonnes (One 20 ft. Container Load)

Trade Process: FOB/CIF

Payment Method: 100% Irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit at sight

Shipping Time: 15 to 25 days after confirmation of Letter of Credit

Loading Port: Nigeria



Type: FAQ & ASTA

Packaging: 50Kg Bags (or as requested by the buyer)

Drying Process: Sun-dried

Impurities: Maximum of 2%

Moisture Content: 7-10%

Inspection: SGS, Cotecna, Bureau Veritas, Intertek


Expected Shipping Documents

– Bill of Lading

– Certificate of Origin

– Fumigation Certificate

– Commercial Invoice

– Packing List

– SGS Inspection Certificate

– Phytosanitary Certificate


To Contact:

WhatsApp/Tel: +2349121138214

Email: sales@sikodris.com.ng

Ginger has been shown to improve blood pressure (in conjunction with medication) by acting as a vasodilator—it expands your blood vessels. This is helpful for increasing circulation in the body, which reduces the overall blood pressure throughout the body. Ginger also contains potassium, a mineral that studies have shown that can help lower blood pressure. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), ginger contains 415 mg of potassium per 100 g. That’s more than a banana (a food known for being high in potassium), which only contains 358 mg pser 100 g.

Ginger supports digestive health. Functional dyspepsia is the clinical term used to describe upper abdominal discomfort like acid reflux that is thought to be related to slowing of the digestive system. Ginger has been shown to remedy this situation.
Ginger helps increase the body’s ability to empty food from the stomach more quickly, with this increased motility in the digestive system, it’s less likely that heartburn or indigestion will occur

Ginger has also been found to reduce the amount of nausea you might otherwise experience when feeling seasick. After surgeries, it’s common for some people to experience nausea and vomiting.  Ginger has been shown to be of immense help for nausea related to pregnancy and chemotherapy.

The active constituents in raw ginger—gingerol, shogaol, and paradol—are responsible for many of the natural anti-inflammatory effects that ginger provides. Ginger has been shown to inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (small proteins released by cells to communicate with other cells in the body).

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