We have solidified our position as the preferred choice for individuals, cooperative organizations, and government agencies in Nigeria for an extended period. As a company engaged in construction, procurement, and engineering contracting, we offer professional expertise, abundant resources, and comprehensive services to various sectors such as Building & Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Corrosion/Pollution Control and Prevention Industries.

Our primary focus areas encompass the manufacturing, provision, and installation of solar and motorized boreholes, the construction of dual carriage and single lane roads, major bridge works, piling works for shore protection, box culverts, underground drainages, and all civil and mechanical-related projects.

In order to meet the precise demands of our clients, we have leveraged a wealth of diverse experiences in the field of construction project management. By entrusting seasoned industry experts with extensive project management backgrounds to oversee the implementation of innovative construction programs, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to surpassing our clients’ expectations.


Health & Safety

Our goal is to create and maintain an environment where caring for our employees and the people they work with is a top priority. We achieve this through our award-winning programs of challenging beliefs, action to influence, and wellness.

Environment & climate change

We recognize the urgency of the climate change agenda and are committed to our role in decarbonizing the economy for a greener and more sustainable future. Our focus is to minimize carbon emissions in our own operations and reduce carbon emissions throughout the lifecycle of the buildings, infrastructure and services we provide.


Our Sustainability Policy sets out our obligation to assess sustainability risks and opportunities and take appropriate steps to mitigate negative impacts and increase positive impacts. Our Code of Conduct also describes our approach to being a good neighbor and our requirement to treat all stakeholders with respect, courtesy and consideration.

We focus on strong leadership, proactive and inclusive resource sourcing, talent development, and effective compensation and recognition.

Our resource policy provides a framework for recruiting and selecting people with the right values, behaviors, skills and experience to support our business activities. This is a leadership framework that outlines what leadership means to us, what skills it includes, and behaviors that define the behaviors we expect and the ethical standards we adhere to.

We respect differences and believe that diversity in ideas, approaches and experiences enriches our corporate culture, as set out in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.


Building Dreams, Crafting Excellence.